The secession of Western Australia will take place ASAP. Scroll down to RSVP. Here is Lang Hancock, Bert Kelly and others on the case for secession:

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  11. Gina Rinehart, Secessionist — some excerpts from Woman’s Day in 1975.
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  17. Bert Kelly again advocates secession: The Libido for the Miserable — Bert Kelly, “An answer to island woes,” The Australian, January 12, 1987, p. 7.
  18. Secession – And Why
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  20. Hancock’s threat to secede and faith in Whitlam — “Scratch any native-born West Australian in the privacy of his own parlour deeply enough and you will find a secessionist at heart. Let the Commonwealth Government scratch him as it has done with actions diametrically opposed to Western Australia’s interest, and I believe you will find an active secessionist. Make a Commonwealth grab on Western Australia’s north-west gas (irrespective of whether it is commercial or not) and you will find a militant secessionist.”
  21. Why the West Should Secede — Sukrit Sabhlok brilliantly explains that secession is not a radical idea.
  22. Vice Magazine Westralian Secession Interview — with Benjamin Marks.

And here’s some more recommended reading: a collection of essays from the Mises Institute titled Secession, State and Liberty, which is also available in PDF: