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(b.) Neville Kennard Obituaries/Tributes (11 items)
(c.) Neville Kennard in 1979 and 1983 (2 items)
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(a.) Intro: Neville Kennard was a preaching and practising capitalist. He had success in the real world. His name is more recognised and respected in Australia than the words “capitalism”, “free-market”, “libertarian”, “anarchocapitalist” and “classical liberal”. If only Kennard’s self-ownership and Kennard’s ire were household names like Kennards Self Storage and Kennards Hire.

Kennard was the first chairman, the first donor, a distinguished fellow and emeritus trustee of The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS). He was endorsed by the Godfather/Ron Paul of Australian classical liberalism, Bert Kelly, as “splendid … speaks my languagebrave.”

So, he was not an inexperienced utopian with nothing to lose. His criticism of the think tanks is not the criticism of an outsider. Video and transcript of Kennard talking about his history is here.

(b.) Neville Kennard Obituaries/Tributes

  1. Neville John Kennard Passes Away – Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Libertarian …, by Sam Kennard. Excerpt: “In his typical entrepreneurial spirit, he introduced self-storage to Australia in 1973, when he developed a small storage facility in Moorebank. The storage business gradually grew with Nev’s astute property acquisitions.”
  2. Neville Kennard, R.I.P., by Prof Dr HHH. Excerpt: “He was a great supporter of the Property and Freedom Society and its most generous donor. In the short time that we knew each other Nev and I had become very close friends. I feel blessed to have known a great man, and I will sorely miss him.” Photos of Nev at PFS here.
  3. Neville Kennard Obituary, by Benjamin Marks (with comments by many others). Excerpt: “Nev was the oldest resident-Australian anarchocapitalist by about 50 years, and our most successful proudly preaching and practising capitalist by a far more significant margin.”
  4. Eulogy: Neville Kennard had Unconventional Wisdom, by Jennifer Marohasy. Excerpt: “Neville Kennard understood my approach to environmental issues. He visited me when I lived in the Blue Mountains. We discussed solutions to what some consider intractable problems. He understood that almost all environment-related science is now government funded and problem focused and that this severely limits the capacity of scientists to examine important issues from a truly independent perspective and freely publish evidence that may, in some cases, be contrary to current government policies.”
  5. The Iron Men, by Peter Wong. Excerpt: “He often stated bluntly how imprudent the Australian government was and then concluded: ‘Australians should learn from the example of Hong Kong. There should be more places like Hong Kong in the world.’ I was almost moved to tears by his words. I could hardly find people locally sharing the same thoughts about the marvel of this city. I felt blessed that I finally met someone who did.”
  6. Liberty Australia’s Tribute to Neville Kennard, on YouTube.
  7. July 2012 Kennards Kourier Tribute to Neville Kennard
  8. Peter Pockley, “Canny libertarian loved adventure,” The Sydney Morning Herald, October 24, 2012, p. 18; references Scott Rochfort, “Rinehart defender takes his case online,” The Sydney Morning Herald, March 20, 2012, p. 2, business.
  9. Liberty Australia Essay Contest from 2012
  10. Sam Kennard and Greg Lindsay announcing the Neville Kennard Memorial Oration at CIS Consilium (I think this will happen each year from 2012?)
  11. Inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award from the ALS Friedman Conference, awarded posthumously in 2014

(c.) Neville Kennard in 1979 and 1983

  1. Neville Kennard, “Penalty rates debate,” The Australian Financial Review, March 13, 1979, p. 3, as a letter to the editor.
  2. The Tax Avoidance Imperative — Shows that Kennard’s support for the free market is not merely self-interest, as he does benefit from how difficult government makes it for competitors to arise against his established businesses. Bert Kelly praised it here and here.

(d.) Neville Kennard’s Economics.org.au Column (2010-2012)

  1. Welcome from Neville Kennard
  2. Think Tanks Don’t Work
  3. “Market Failure”: Just what the government ordered!
  4. The Tragedy of the Tax Pool Commons
  5. Corporate Welfare
  6. Citizenship for Sale?
  7. I Don’t Vote
  8. Voting: Right or Privilege?
  9. Stockholm Syndrome and our Love-Hate Relationship with Government
  10. Civil Disobedience: The Rules of Engagement
  11. Should Respect for Law Extend to Bad Laws?
  12. Jaywalking as a Demonstration of Individuality
  13. Government Likes War
  14. Collusion is Our Right
  15. Why Not the Drug Olympics?
  16. Unconventional Wisdom
  17. Tiger Farming: An Alternative to Extinction
  18. Looking Backwards: Mont Pelerin Society Conference, Sydney, 2010
  19. Tax Avoidance is a Patriotic Duty
  20. Kennard Writes to IPA Review Editor
  21. Genocide by Welfare: A Tragedy from the Aboriginal Welfare Industry
  22. Separating Sport and State
  23. Your Home is Not an Investment
  24. Dick Smith, Celebrity Philanthropist
  25. A Libertarian’s New Year’s Resolution
  26. Extend Politicians’ Holidays to Create Prosperity
  27. Entrepreneurs are Disruptive, and Bureaucrats Hate It
  28. What is a good Australian?
  29. Governments Like Employment But Hate Employers
  30. The Market Failure Industry
  31. Wot if …?
  32. The Tribal Chief and the Witch Doctor
  33. The Tannehills
  34. Democracy versus Property Rights and Prosperity
  35. Government Doesn’t Work, and That’s the Way They Like It
  36. Minarchy vs Anarchy
  37. Euthanasia and Self-Ownership
  38. The Right Policies to Fix a Depression
  39. Is Howard Our Best PM?
  40. Tax Producers vs Tax Consumers
  41. Where There’s a Queue, There’s a Business Opportunity
  42. Authoritarian Freedom
  43. Why Classical Liberals Should Debate Anarchocapitalists
  44. The Tyranny of the Majority
  45. If you could choose to whom you paid your tax
  46. Business Should Exploit Boat People
  47. The Immorality of Trade Unions
  48. “America” vs “The United States of America”
  49. Sweet Anarchy
  50. The Illusion of “Job Creation”
  51. Gold Is Money
  52. Guilty Capitalists
  53. Bureauphobia
  54. Prosperity vs Growth
  55. Capitalism vs Democracy
  56. More people = More fun
  57. Self-Ownership – the very idea!
  58. Government will murder Neville Kennard if he doesn’t back away
  59. The Australian Dollar Has Been Cowardly and Criminally Devalued, Harming the Poor Particularly
  60. Is Taxation Theft and Government a Tax Cheat?
  61. My Journey to Anarchy: From political and economic agnostic to anarchocapitalist, transcript and video
  62. Government Needs Bad Guys – that’s why they like wars
  63. What Is Obscene?
  64. Traffic Economics
  65. Wayne Swan stands on the shoulders of other intellectual pygmies