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by Hans Tholstrup, farmer, futurist, Australian legend

As I will never get NBN fibre, on any of my farms, and some only have Telstra Service, I am no enemy of Telstra. But after the following experience, maybe I should be, as Star Trek [sic], their freight service provider, is also a big company surrounding itself with barriers.

Profit is a result of work, be it wages, dividends or capital gain. Unless you are a crook.

But as we seem to follow the government ideas in the so-called developed world we are slipping down into poverty and China, where they do work, is slipping up in to wealth.

They try to make more profit by using cheaper economies, while I as a costumer lose days as the overseas worker is useless in many cases as I found out, but that is at my cost. In the old days I had a PA, and she did all this, while I lived in ignorant bliss. Governments just increase taxes.

It is now so frustrating! When I suggested he pour petrol all over me and light up, the Telstra shop employee said people normally say: “Shoot me.” I understand, but a statement of that kind had to be more dramatic than mere shooting.

It started as my modem was playing up as it had been from the start and I had wished I had not upgraded to Wi-Fi. Well, the modem finally gave up, and the nicer than normal foreigner said they had problems with that modem and I needed a new one. Well, my answer to that was — why did they not send a new one, rather than put me through this. Well, he said he would send one. I asked if I could drive to town to get it as it would take longer than his 3 to 5 days, as I was on a farm. He said yes to that.

So I drove to town, to be told by the Telstra shop, that this was not possible unless I paid out my contract and started a new one. I said I don’t want a new contract as I must then have a new username — yes, Telstra is working on changing this.

I tried the other Telstra shop and after waiting in line yet again, I noticed part of a modem separate from the attached one, so I thought I will try to see if that would work with my SIM card out in the car. Well, I did not get away with that and I suppose I should be pleased that the manager did not charge me with shoplifting, or should I say an expensive court case as I would have claimed that I had a contract, that said they must provide a service as per the contract. As we lose our cheap ticket with the airline if we break down, but get no compensation when the airline breaks down, I suppose I might have lost.

So it was back to the phone and calling Bigpond. At least I had a better number, and eventually I was assured that a modem would be in the mail and arrive in 3 to 5 days time. I said OK I go overseas as the frustration is too much, better to leave than to hit someone.

Sadly on my return there was no modem.

So I had to go to a Telstra shop and have a new mail address and account, but with no cancellation fee and the cost would be refunded on my next bill, finally I would be back on air.

No, that was not possible, as they wrote down the wrong new username, so another 2 days were lost. Finally when I got on to a local person he worked out I had been given the wrong name, when using the right name it worked. Thank you, just over 3 weeks later.

Well, my last experience was that the Postie Lady delivered the modem October 24 and on the back it said it had been sent October 3.

So I rang Star Track – well that was harder than ringing Telstra, apart from not having to give my birthday, no joy there.

So I rang Telstra yet again and asked to speak with the person who was in charge of their shipments, that was not possible and why did I want to do that.

The person did not understand why I would want to help the next person, I did explain to friends who had the same experience, one got 2 modems the same day, he still has the second one, mind u the near 300 dollars we pay must have a very obscene profit as they do not wish to retrieve the second one from him or me, the other friend went to Optus and informs me they are as bad as Telstra.

I then told the Telstra person that years ago I stopped on the Harbour Bridge in peak hour as I had a tow rope in the Ute. It turned out to be a flat tyre. I asked why he was not changing it. He said he could not, so I changed it for him (he was the CEO of a very large corporation). He offered me $20 — I said no thank you as I did not do it for him; I did it for the thousands of people who were going to be late home that night as he had created a problem, not to mention the thousand of dollars of fuel wasted. The Telstra man said, “I see.”

I said he was denying me a 300000 km per second service, far better than the fastest car, and all I wanted to say was, “Use Australia Post as they are faster or tell Star Track that if they are beaten by Australia Post again they loose their contract.”

But no, you are not allowed to help a company to do better, so that costs are lower for you the costumer, just like I worry about the protection of a new monopoly business called NBN, as they will stop Telstra providing faster services over the airwaves in the future.

As the NBN will never deliver fibre to farms, we will suffer even further. And these smart corporations will eventually go broke. Lets not use Adam Smith the government already cut off his invisible hand, as they could not get GST on that.

Leaving the country is no solution I just spent a week overseas looking at that while I had no Telstra service.