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by Neville Kennard, veteran preaching and practising capitalist

It’s a debilitating condition, bureau-phobia, in these days of regulated everything, there is much I don’t do because the heavy hand of government touches just about everything and I get turned off. And there are some things I do which are regulated for which I don’t ask permission. Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission is my belief in many areas. Bureaucrats are not evil people, some of them can be quite human even, but it is the job they are required to do and the stifling regulations they are so keen to impose that are evil and immoral and bring on my fear and phobia.

Take chopping down a tree in your backyard: you are supposed to get Council approval, fill in a form, and pay a fee — ridiculous. The “Tree Cops” think they know what should be growing on your land. You can own the land, plant the tree, nurture the tree, like the tree, and then get to dislike the tree. Maybe the tree’s roots go where you don’t want them to go, or the shade isn’t right, or drops leaves in your gutter or threatens to fall and damage people or property. Whose tree is it?

Or building a little extra room out the back, for a study, studio, storage, spare bed-room … the Crats want to you to fill in a form, pay a fee, wait in their Applications Queue, and then tell you whether they like what you want to do. They may want you to build it their way and not your way.

The worst Crats seem to be the young ones. Fresh out of some school, imbued with the earnest enthusiasm of youth and to make their way by going by the book. Older Crats have been around a bit, know the stupidity of much of what they are asked to police, and can turn a blind eye, bend the rules a bit, suggest a way to get what you want. Older Crats may be approaching retirement and be seeking fewer, not more, problems.

Our Enemy, The Council could be a book, like Albert Jay Nock’s classic Our Enemy, The State, but focus on the local manifestation of The State.

My neighbours, and the contractors and tradesmen I deal with all hate the Council; we collude to avoid them. We appraise the chance of being caught for what we want to do, and then work out strategy to avoid the Council Crats.

Property Rights, the essential ingredient for prosperity and freedom, are progressively chipped away by Council and Government Rules and Taxes and Regulations. These Rules and Taxes and Regulations have nothing to do with ethics or morality, or with safety, or with being a good neighbour. So it is fun, and moral, to do as Henry David Thoreau, the American writer and advocate for Civil Disobedience, suggested — “Be a Good Neighbour and a Bad Subject”.

Bureauphobia — it may be an incurable condition, but it is manageable. You can tough it out and bite your tongue, or pretend the symptoms are not there, or play games with the Crats and their regulations, like a sport, and see what you can get away with.

How much civilisation is lost, how much progress forgone, how much money wasted, how much personal responsibility lost through the masses of regulations and fees that our Crats seek to impose?

Responsible civil disobedience — the way to go for the sufferers of Bureauphobia!

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