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by Hans Tholstrup, farmer, futurist, Australian legend

Belief is what we use when we turn to religion; believe is what we do when we don’t know what we are doing.

Science is what we have to find out when we can stop believing and know the fact.

The Darwin theories are still theories, the science may be incomplete, but I rather fear that it is religion that keeps it as a theory rather than a fact.

CO2 — Greenhouse gas is also an incomplete science, and people believe in it or they don’t, and they can until the science has an indisputable fact attached to CO2 and the warming of the earth.

Let us not discuss CO2 — let us just, for this article, accept the fact that if we get it wrong we have major problems facing future generations.

So why do we have a tax on the agenda, as it will do nothing about the world CO2 levels? It can only be a tax to help the government who likes spending money.

If we are serious about greenhouse gas, we would not have Anna Bligh ban a little clearing of regrowth on peoples farms, as she happily exports over half a million tons of coal and talk of a major income reduction as the floods have lost us 25 million tons of coal exports.

Half a million tons of coal per day cannot be absorbed by a little regrowth. Ahh, I forgot, that is not our green house gas; it belongs to others.

Well, we live under the same umbrella, and yes it is thin, like a coat of paint on a oil drum, and yes we share it.

So the warming is shared by everyone on earth. Why do we then want to lower the living standards of Australians only, when the coal we export will harm us more than anything we can do?

That is not to say we should do nothing as it may well be a problem for the future children. We must be responsible and work on that, right or wrong.

But if we just make a tax out of a concern for the future, we are then running the world in a way where I say we need the warming, as the madness will lead to war as it always has.

We might only use modern weapons and that is very scary, but if we use that bomb that was old-fashioned more than 50 years ago, bows and arrows in comparison, we will then have nuclear winter, and nuclear winter will kill more people than the bomb as temperatures will be lowered by up to 5 degrees they say. Well, we will then need all the temperature increases we can find.

I am mad — yes, I agree. That is why my solar challenge has shown the world that a human can cross a continent at over 100 km per hour, on just the arriving sunshine bathing their car. That is not a tax — that is a challenge. And the difference is that a tax would never give you that sort of madness.

So, would you rather have political madness?