by Hans Tholstrup, farmer and futurist

It is interesting that we now think we can tax nature. Not only does this cut the hand off the very large part of our economy that Adam Smith called the invisible hand, but it brings out the ugly Australian, not to be confused with the ugly American.

I have two very effected farms, and two not so effected, as I had done the job right on one farm which received heavy rainfall.

Should I get government help? No, as a farmer I work with nature, and enjoy the great benefit of rain, and I must work in harmony or leave.

The horror was the behaviour of far too many Australian’s — the Government gave you an immediate $ 1000 and extra 400 per child, to anyone effected, many cheated in their claims, many just stole money off the rest of the Australian taxpayers. Others treated it as a new stimulus package.

A headmaster of a local school was stuck in Brisbane for a day. I asked how much it cost, the answer was $130. I then asked if it was then OK to steal 870 dollars as they only paid out 1000 dollar amounts. Well, the headmaster is on more than 100,000 remuneration for work done in the school, also taxpayers money. I now question the quality of that learning, if we teach to take money like that.

Interestingly is that when you speak to people about the 1000 dollars, if you lead with the attitude that we should not take it — 99% agree, but when you say that everyone else is taking it so why not, most agree to take it.

So lead with the right attitude and Australia benefits, lead giving away money like Robin Hood, and we harm the economy.

How sad it is, that we behave like that, confirming why the only animal that scares me is a human in a mob.