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Ron Manners is Executive Director of the Mannkal Foundation for Economic Education, based in Perth. Articles featuring Ron Manners on Economics.org.au include:

By Ron Manners

  1. Letters to the editor in The Bulletin in 1975 and 1977.
  2. Letter to the editor in The Bulletin in 1976.
  3. Letter to the editor in The Bulletin in 1981.
  4. Ron Manners on starving the hand that bites us — “Government meddling,” The Bulletin, February 2, 1982, p. 17, as a letter to the editor.
  5. Letters to the editor in Sunday Independent: in 1975 on government interference in mining; and in 1976 where he contemptuously refuses to accept there can be a crime without a victim.
  6. “Thoughts on Land Ownership” and “Such Refreshing Manners!” Workers Party Bulletin (South Australia),  June 1978, p. 5.
  7. Accountants, Australia Needs You: An Address to the Australian Society of CPAs Resource Conference,” The Horatian, Spring 1994, pp. 26-31.
  8. Heroic Misadventures: Four Decades – Full Circle (West Perth, Australia: Mannwest Group, 2009). The website for the book is HeroicMisadventures.com.
  9. The “Remembering Lang Hancock” chapter from Heroic Misadventures.
  10. The “Our Very Own Political Party” chapter on the Workers Party from Heroic Misadventures.
  11. The “Mona The Madam” chapter from Heroic Misadventures.
  12. Ron Manners says, “you only get one nickel boom in your lifetime, but you can always have more kids”
  13. Ron Manners: “Nothing is balanced about happiness”
  14. Ron Manners on Dubious Land Title.
  15. More chapters from Heroic Misadventures to come.

By Others About Ron Manners

  1. John Hyde, “Our kids don’t deserve such nonsense,” The Weekend Australian, June 13-14, 1992, p. 24.
  2. Rania Spooner, “Rebranding the mining industry,” The Sydney Morning Herald Online, November 15, 2011.
  3. Review of Heroic Misadventures by Benjamin Marks.
  4. Review of Heroic Misadventures by Richard C.B. Johnsson.