The website for the event is

Advertorials for the 2012 Mises Seminar include:

  1. The announcement.
  2. Dr Washington Sanchez interviewing Professor Walter Block specially for Australia.
  3. The Liberty Australia Essay Contest. Have you entered?
  4. An invitation for Dick Smith, the IPA and other Walter Block fans

Reviews of the 2012 Mises Seminar:

  1. Nickolai Hubble, “The Libertarian Answer to Everything Is …,” The Pursuit of Happiness, December 5, 2012.
  2. Benjamin Marks, “What would Bert Kelly think of the Mises Seminar and Walter Block?,”, January 29, 2013.

Reviews and videos will go up in the next few weeks. Scroll down for reviews and videos of the 2011 Mises Seminar.

Articles about the 2011 Mises Seminar include:

  1. The Three Epoch-Making Events of the Modern Libertarian Movement
  2. Why the 2012 double Nobel laureate is coming to Sydney
  3. Exclusive Oliver Marc Hartwich Interview on Hans-Hermann Hoppe
  4. A Critique of the Opening Two Sentences of the “About CIS” Page on The Centre for Independent Studies’ website,
  5. An invitation for ANDEV members to the Mises Seminar
  6. Australian legend, Hans Tholstrup, is going to the Mises Seminar
  7. Sukrit Sabhlok interviews Mark Tier

Reviews of the 2011 Mises Seminar include:

  1. Nickolai Hubble, “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Libertarians,” The Daily Reckoning Australia, December 3, 2011.
  2. Justin Jefferson on The Mises Seminar
  3. Hoppe’s Inarticulate Australian Critics: The Hon Dr Peter Phelps, Dr Steven Kates and James Paterson
  4. Sideshow to Dr Steven Kates’ criticism of the Mises Seminar: Davidson vs Hoppe on Adam Smith

Videos of the 2011 Mises Seminar:

  1. high-profile Australian, Neville Kennard, on why he’s an anarchist
  2. the Workers Party Reunion
  3. Viv Forbes on his many free-market advocacy battles
  4. Ron Manners on being a joyous libertarian
  5. Mark Tier on Smoker’s Rights
  6. Dr Steven Kates on the Classical School vs the Austrian School
  7. Professor Dr Hans-Hermann Hoppe on “The State — The Errors of Classical Liberalism”
  8. Hoppe on “Society Without State — Private Law Society”
  9. Hoppe on “Politics, Money and Banking”
  10. Dr David Hart on How Austrian Were the French
  11. Dr Ben O’Neill on Natural Law and the Libertarian Society
  12. Dr Chris Leithner on The Evil Princes of Martin Place
  13. Andrew Dahdal “Is Government Issued Paper Money Unconstitutional in Australia?”

This is the first footage of any of the speakers in 1080p full HD, thanks to Joshua Marks.