Prof Dr HHH’s brilliant and brief “Four-Step Healthcare Solution” deserves pride of place in any archive of healthcare proposals, even this one which focusses on never-republished articles by high-profile Australians.

  1. Is free priceless healthcare worthless? — Bert Kelly, “The fruit of specialist sideboards,” The Australian Financial Review, March 30, 1972, p. 3.
  2. Bert Kelly, “We’re quick to get sick of socialism,” The Australian Financial Review, November 23, 1973, p. 3.
  3. Should free universal healthcare include pets? — Bert Kelly, “Let’s try it on Fido, says Mavis,” The Australian Financial Review, June 27, 1975, p. 3.
  4. Bert Kelly to blame for soaring healthcare costs — Bert Kelly, “This solution to Medibank ‘too simple’,” Country Life, August 25-31, 1976, p. 44.
  5. Bert Kelly, “Health cover needs a $30 excess clause,” The Australian Financial Review, June 10, 1977, p. 3.
  6. Singo and Howard Expose how Government Healthcare Controls Legislate Doctors into Slavery — John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia (Stanmore: Cassell Australia, 1977), pp. 119-21, under the heading “Health”.
  7. Singo and Howard Join Forces to Dismantle Welfare State — John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia (Stanmore: Cassell Australia, 1977), pp. 267-73, under the heading “Welfare”. Excerpt: “No one has a right to welfare, because all welfare is paid for by other people. To admit such a right would, to that extent, turn those who pay it into slaves.”
  8. John Singleton sacked for telling the truth about Medicare — John Singleton Advertising full page ad for Western District Health Fund, The Sydney Morning Herald, April 2, 1986, p. 11.
  9. Aspiring to senility and the old-age pension — Robert Haupt on smoking and drinking: “The New Puritans lie in wait for the New Lepers,” The Sydney Morning Herald, May 5, 1984, p. 40; “Stop the boos about booze,” Good Weekend: The Sydney Morning Herald Magazine, November 17, 1984, p. 14; “The warning may be the hazard,” National Times on Sunday, September 14, 1986, p. 12; and “A creed of wellness up with which I will not put,” The Sydney Morning Herald, April 22, 1988, p. 15.
  10. Padraic P. McGuinness, “Youth victims of the welfare con,” The Australian, July 31, 1992, p. 11. Excerpt: “How far into the next century can the welfare State last? This is a question which once might have thought to be absurd — the welfare State surely was here to stay. But it may emerge that the next generation will see the welfare State as a gigantic swindle, a confidence trick by their parents.” And: “The cant phrase, ‘I’ve paid taxes all my life and now I’m entitled to the pension’, much heard on both sides of the Tasman, is the exact contrary to the truth.” And: “a nation of ageing parasites, wielding immense electoral clout, and pushing the burden of adjustment to a new and more competitive world on to the young, while still expecting them to finance the privileged position the young themselves will never enjoy.”
  11. Padraic P. McGuinness, “Warning: health is a budget hazard,” The Weekend Australian, August 1-2, 1992, p. 2. Excerpt: “The ‘healthy’ activities, while they may avert heart disease and some other complaints, such as diabetes, will give rise to a new set of complaints among the spavined struldbrugs, as a result of the injury strains of football, netball, jogging, aerobics, etc. To relieve the demands on the healthcare system all the pleasurable activities that are unhealthy will be blamed — the witch-hunt against smokers and drinkers will redouble in ferocity. And yet, heavy smokers and drinkers are public benefactors — they contribute heavily to taxation revenue and shorten their lives (they more than pay for their demands on the health budget), thus relieving the future pressures and demands on the working-age generations.”
  12. Paddy McGuinness proposes inheritance tax equal to handouts received by deceased — “Take from the dead to give to the living,” The Weekend Australian, July 17-18, 1993, p. 2.
  13. Padraic P. McGuinness, “The blight of the baby-boomers,” The Weekend Australian, February 5-6, 1994, p. 2.
  14. Do-gooders should glorify smokers — Padraic P. McGuinness, “Smokers need encouragement, not abuse,” The Australian, February 8, 1994, p. 48. Excerpt: “Those baby-boomers who have smoked heavily all their lives can even be considered as public benefactors. They have paid heavy taxes on their smokes all their lives, their life expectancy has been considerably shortened and, as a result, they will impose a much less burden on the young of the next generation than the fitness fanatics and the health fascists.” And: “smokers and drinkers paid over $2.5 billion in exchange for $1 billion of health and medical services necessitated by their vices.”
  15. Padraic P. McGuinness, “Class action may be smoking gun,” The Australian, March 1, 1994, p. 43.
  16. Hans Tholstrup, “Hans Tholstrup AM, practising libertarian, fights Medicare,”, August 1, 2013. Excerpt: “It would be nice to die having taken nothing from Australia from the time I arrived as a young man from Denmark. Nothing, that is, apart from the opportunity Australia gave me.”