Scroll down to #9 for my favourite piece in this collection.

  1. Perhaps being smart and insured isn’t all luck — Bert Kelly, “The Droolings of Dave,” The Adelaide Stock and Station Journal, March 21, 1945, p. 7.
  2. How much should government decrease incentive for independence from government? — Bert Kelly, “Governments love to be popular!,” Adelaide Stock & Station Journal, August 24, 1966, p. 83.
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  5. Moss Cass: “Flood plains are for floods” — Bert Kelly, “Dr Cass sets a dam(ned) precedent,” The Australian Financial Review, February 1, 1974, p. 3.
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  9. This one is a masterpiece: Bert Kelly, “Insure one, insure the lot,” Country Life, June 23-29, 1976, p. 40.
  10. WEATHER IS USUALLY UNUSUAL — Bert Kelly, “The mixture as before — in capitals …,” The Australian Financial Review, January 28, 1977, p. 3.
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  12. Bert Kelly, “Generosity creates problems,” The Bulletin, May 1, 1984, p. 128. Excerpt: “One day during the drought I complained to Fred that Australia had a lousy climate. I expected that this statesmanlike utterance would be received with respect and admiration but Fred put me in my place by saying, ‘Yes, Bert, we do indeed have a lousy climate. And if we didn’t, the place would be lousy with farmers.'”
  13. Viv Forbes, “Magnifying National Disasters,” in Stuck on Red & Other Essays (First Published by “Business Queensland” and “Common Sense” in 1991), pp. 68-70.
  14. Hans Tholstrup, “The Flood of Claims,”, February 23, 2011. Australian legend Hans Tholstrup was eligible for government handouts because some of his farms were flood-affected, but he refused it. But as he said later: “Sadly, the fact that I did not take the 1000 dollar flood money means that I have to pay the extra 1.5% tax. So you can be punished for not taking government money.”