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by Hans Tholstrup, farmer, futurist, Australian legend

It is over 30 years ago that I got the idea spurred on by the energy crisis to cross Australia with a solar car. Larry Perkins and his brother Garry built the car, and we were successful. Larry continued with motor racing of the finite fossil fuel type and he is still successful in his business.

I started the World Solar Challenge, that has seen a car go from Darwin to Adelaide on just sunshine averaging over 100 km/h, a result that has humankind facing a good future if allowed to excel at doing what needs to be done.

I became a farmer losing money at a great rate but not as fast as when government interferes in your life. Mind you, there are a growing number who love government, as they don’t have to work as they are supported by government.

It became clear that after finite fossil fuel we need new ideas or going back to the horse for getting around the farm, mind u the do-goodies and those making it their business and income to do health and safety might ban the quad bike before running out of oil as we may not use the only true safety thing there is — individual responsibility.

My result was that we will need a solar electric quad one-day as the horse is an inefficient way to do things — they used to eat a third of the crop before the tractor.

I set out with other farmers to build an electric quad trying to convert an old Honda quad, but alas we don’t have the infrastructure any more — no electric motors made in Australia any more and a loss of trades people like Larry Perkins who can do anything

So the result was to just do it in China — and no problems.

As I have just imported an efficient diesel wagon for the farm, as it was a non-electric start unit vehicle with no problems I never dreamt that a quad bike would be a vehicle that would need an import license.

But it does, and it takes up to 60 days, and with a modest fee according to the government department of $50.

And yes they recommend not sending the goods till u have the import license, and that is good advice as the shipping company has just recommended the cheapest way out of this disastrous mistake is to abandon the goods.

Yes write-off the exercise, don’t do any testing and don’t look for answers for life after oil.

No we just let the greens fix it all with regulations and tax on CO2 and further losses of jobs.

New Zealand is looking good is all I can say in my depressed state of mind. Australia is no longer the country I arrived in in 1964, fleeing the nanny state of Denmark, who now has less regulations than Australia.

Why have we allowed our great country to come to this?