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Ron Manners, “Taxation and survival,” The Bulletin, August 18, 1981, p. 17, as a letter to the editor. He’s still brilliantly politically active at Mannkal.

Perhaps we are all orchardists at heart.
Having prepared the soil, nurtured the vines,
Patiently attending the trees.

Watched our fruit slowly ripen.
Evidencing that our labours were meaningful.

Suddenly, the dark clouds swoop scavengers
To pick the eyes and decimate our fruit.

To remain as bystanders would be
In neglect of our responsibility.

Surely we have but two choices:
Shoot the bastards; but perhaps they would
Quickly be replaced by even more.

Instead, let’s gather the fruit swiftly,
And store it out of reach.
That way the decision still remains with us,
Of how we should share,
The products of our labours.

Kalgoorlie WA