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“Manners saved for the Palace,” The West Australian, September 18, 1999.
Reprinted in Ron Manners’ Heroic Misadventures: Four Decades – Full Circle (West Perth, Australia: Mannwest Group, 2009), p. 191. The 18MB bookmarked ebook is here. The website for the book is More on Ron Manners at and

Stick a microphone in the hand of mining industry stalwart Ron Manners and you can be pretty sure you’re in for a good yarn.

So stayers at the Australian Nickel Conference closing cocktail party in Perth this week re-ordered drinks and settled in when big Ron took the stage to reminisce about the heady days of the Poseidon nickel boom.

He told how with 350 companies exploring in and around Kalgoorlie, and an unwritten rule that any company which did a deal had to buy champers for the bar at the Palace Hotel, he often went days, if not weeks, without going home.

“One of my kids (we’re not sure if it was stockbroker Craig or Sons of Gwalia PR flak Sarah) once told me I’d neglected them because I spent so much time at the bar,” he sprouted.

“I had to tell them, you only get one nickel boom in your lifetime, but you can always have more kids.”

Manners went on to say how the lack of quality directors (nothing’s changed Ron!) meant you had everyone from drinking pals to fishing buddies filling board seats.

“We had guys nicknamed Mirror and Vomit. Mirror was always ‘looking into it’ while Vomit would always ‘bring it up at the next board meeting’.”