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by Mac Nichols, engineer and Mannkal advisory council member

It should come as no surprise that the only privately owned and operated University in Australia is providing an honored speech by Lord Monckton and funded privately.

It should also come as no surprise when Academics dependent upon state funding object to a lecturer whom possibly threatens their flow of funds, or perceived increase in their flow of funding, due to the looming Carbon Taxation initiative. After all, it is their livelihood.

Their livelihood forcibly extracted from our productive livelihood, I might add.

Our Academics wax lyrically about our freedom of speech, this is of course a fiction. Australia has no explicit declaration of freedom of speech in any constitutional or statutory declaration of rights. What Australia does have is a constitution which implies a protection of political communication as judged by the High Court of Australia in 1992.

This matter of climate change is now a political matter as the climate change brigade politicized their movement and have forced pending nonsensical government intervention.

Monckton has every right to speak, but no one has to go, so why the angst?

Perhaps it is due to a government whose perceived omnipotence knows no bounds, especially when drooling over your wallet.