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Max Newton, Melbourne Observer, June 27, 1971, p. 3.

Dear Bob,

I have been very touched and indeed rendered speechless by your concern for the black peoples of the world, and, in particular, for the black peoples of South Africa.

I agree: Black people are beaut — and what is more they cost less than white people.

With this in mind, I would like to bring out a mixed team of printers from South Africa to play with my own all-white printers in factories in Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne.

I am, therefore, asking you whether it would be OK with you if I brought out immediately from South Africa the following:

  • Ten white printers
  • Ten black printers
  • Ten Cape Colored printers

They would make a grand team and also a happy and cheap team working together in my factories.

I also understand this teamwork would be in line with the new, enlightened Labor Party anti-racist immigration policy.

Also, just to ensure that our Asian friends don’t feel left out, would it be OK to bring out a further ten printers from Singapore and Hong Kong, all of Chinese descent?

They are great chaps and work really hard in team spirit together with our own white chaps.

I have made suggestions about this team plan of mine to the leaders of the printing unions, but they have said they would be very upset if I tried to bring out such a mixed team to work together.

Could you give me a hand to stop this ban on mixed teams of printers imposed by the leaders of the printing unions?

After all, it is against the new Labor policy which you helped to form just last week.

Yours fraternally, and in the best spirit of mixed teamsmanship.


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