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by Luke Davis, IT Contractor

1) Stupidity is rewarded (Flood levy) — Those who build houses on sand can expect to be reimbursed when it collapses.

2) It’s better to have food for tomorrow rather than pay the bills today, except if have too much food for tomorrow, in which case that will be taken as well. (Increase in super contribution + limit of $25,000 in contributions for those with more then $500,000.)

3) To make oneself clear and concise it is better to present any figures as year on year percentage increases with no starting or finishing totals. It prevents ne’er do wells from working out how good or bad the state of economic affairs is.

4) To ease the cost for working families you must increase the tax burden by those families who work well. It is only fair that those who spent 3 or 4 years studying to get high paid jobs or who work for the mining industry support those people who aren’t so fortunate. (Bracketed taxes. Introduction of means testing for rebates and reduction of health care rebate for high earners.)

5) Contractors are evil people who destroy the rights of unions to protect employees. These evil, evil people must be weighed down with so much bureaucratic paperwork no employer would ever think to hire cheap contractors again. (Introduction of requirements to report all payments to contractors in the building industry with later expansion to IT and other areas.)

6) You can ease the cost of living for people who spend $60 on an accountant by making lodging a tax return easier so the accountant only charges you — wait for it — $60 (I’m not making this one up — “The Government is committed to easing the cost of living for all Australians and making it easier for workers to fill out their tax return.”)

7) The way to protect soldiers from harm overseas is to increase the number of soldiers overseas while decreasing the number of people in the supply chain at home.