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by Benjamin Marks, editor-in-chief

Usually a history of an organisation is written at a round number, like a 50-year anniversary. But given the achievements of, I decided to write one now, even though we are only celebrating our 42nd — week.

In this time has convincingly won for itself the high ground in four different ways:

  1. Respect for history — We have so much respect for our history that we are the first and so far the only group, in at least 20 years, to republish the work, either in print or online, of such productive Australians as: (1) adman, entrepreneur and mogul, John Singleton; (2) mining magnate, Lang Hancock; (3) veteran politician, Australia’s Ron Paul, Bert Kelly; (4) veteran newspaperman, founding editor of The Australian and the daily Australian Financial ReviewMax Newton; and (5) media mammoth, Kerry Packer. Never have these figures been so accessible. We list all of them as staff members because we employ their work. Before I listed them as staff members, they already got us attention. A major American television show wanted to interview Max Newton about his experience working with Rupert Murdoch; I told them that he’s been dead for 21 years, but that when I see him I’d tell him. In preparation for the recently released tv series Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo, Rob Carlton (who plays Packer, and happens to be “Dry” politician Jim Carlton’s son) contacted us to get the Packer footage we tracked down to help him get into character. Being the contact person for people interested in Max Newton and Kerry Packer is quite an achievement.
  2. Credibility — We feature a weekly column by veteran Australian preaching and practising capitalist Neville Kennard. Kennard’s name is more recognisable and respected in Australia than words like “free-market”, “classical liberal” and “libertarian”. In fact, makes available the work of such famous figures, and also such giants of Australian free-market advocacy as Ron Kitching and Viv Forbes, that, the only regular author whose name I don’t recognise is: my own. Our unintentionally exclusive relationship with all these famous figures means that no one can doubt our credibility and our respect for those who have gone before us, and no one can dismiss us on the grounds that we don’t have much experience in the real world and are immature dreamers.
  3. Honesty, transparency and respect for our readers — Unlike every other group, we put our reasoning front and centre on every page of our website. Everyone else hides their reasoning, or doesn’t have any to hide. It is interesting that they always manage to put their “Donate” button and list their subscription deals more prominently than their reasoning.
  4. Charming and fun — We are so charming that our spokesperson was interviewed on Sky Business and our editor was able to arrange long exclusive scandalous interviews with Australia’s most senior “economics” journalist, Ross Gittins, and most senior politician, John Howard. And we regularly feature unintentionally exclusive articles from Australia’s most talented journalists, including Justin Jefferson and many others.

For an organisation that was founded with the lowest of expectations of any organisation ever, to have had such triumphant success on so many levels is very impressive. Combined with our name, which is more respectable than any other in the history of the world — — all we need to do now is wait for all the accolades that goes with it to roll in.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Australian population. Without your support, we’d still have an income tax, a central bank and a Gillard government.

As for the future. We’ve set the platform and we will continue to do that stuff. In addition, we might expand our targeting of individual Australian public political intellectuals. We have already done this with the “economics” editor of The Sydney Morning Herald for 30+ years, Australia’s most prolific and popular self-proclaimed economist, the darling of Australia’s tertiary, secondary and primary school economics community: Ross Gittins. If you search Ross Gittins on google, our site,, comes up on the first page. If you search Ross Gittins The Happy Economist (his most recent book) on google, my exclusive and scandalous interview with him is the first result. If this does not influence Gittins, then nothing will. Everyday it gets hits from people making these searches — it might just be Gittins searching his own name, but I like to think that some genuinely aspiring economists may also be reading it. Shit-stirring at its finest. I would like to do this with every other Australian public political intellectual; if I didn’t need/want to earn a living, I’d already be doing it.

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