by Benjamin Marks, editor-in-chief

Those who claim they support small government have given me such excuses for not debating anarchism vs. minarchism as:

  1. Minarchism is already such an unpopular position that advocating anarchism would further marginalise their position.
  2. Only after minimal government is reached will debating anarchism be worthwhile.
  3. Infighting is a poor use of time, as there are more pressing and popular fallacies to correct.

Given the resounding failure of to engage with defenders of government about anarchocapitalist arguments — despite our credibility, our talent, our charm, our straightforward requests and challenges, our pioneering work making authors they ought to like available and our ridiculously prominent, provocative and amusing attempts to engage with political apologists on every page of the website — I thought it appropriate to write a defence of anarchocapitalism that ignores the truth-value of anarchist arguments and instead focusses on the pragmatic benefits of anarchism vis-à-vis minarchism. Here is a list of six pragmatic reasons why minarchists should advocate anarchism:

  1. It would reshape the political landscape, putting the middle-ground more towards minarchism — Given that wholesale change rarely occurs and a middle-ground is usually what eventuates, it would be wise strategy for minarchists to move the middle-ground of mainstream political debate over to their side more by advocating anarchism, which is the most extreme smaller-government position on the statist-anarchist spectrum.
  2. Anarchist language is stronger and more emotive than minarchist language — Calling tax theft and government criminal is more forceful than saying, “Government expenditure is wasteful, except in certain areas, provided there are strict controls, which make government restrain, police and adjudicate itself.”
  3. Anarchist arguments are easier to follow — Anarchist principles are easier to get one’s head around, as they don’t have exceptions allowing for the defence industry monopoly, the invalid contract of the constitution or the bias of a judge receiving tax money presiding over tax evasion cases.
  4. Anarchist arguments cannot be used as leverage for government expansion — Anarchist arguments don’t allow critics to say, “Since minarchists support government control of important areas, then why not for less important areas?” This pointing out of lack of principle also expands to practice, where the limitations minarchists espouse end up being used as leverage for government expansion rather than limitation (see here).
  5. Anarchist arguments are radical, emphasising principles — Although the softly-softly approach may help you get mainstream acceptance, being extremely radical and uncompromising can also help attract attention. It makes people think you’re more interested in truth than populism. And, because of its emphasis on principles rather than utilitarian considerations, it is more headline-grabbing, educational, memorable, passion-provoking and movement-building. Lang Hancock criticised the soft approach here.
  6. Unpopular now can be popular later; unpopular does not mean uninfluential — Being unpopular does not, of itself, mean that one is less influential. As Clarence Philbrook said, “Of course the man least demonstrably ineffectual is he who advises others to do what he knows they will do without his advice.” Similarly, Bob Howard said, “You can’t change public opinion by telling people what they already agree with.” So the unpopularity of anarchism is no argument against advocating it.

In conclusion, minarchists have no excuse not to justify their beliefs against anarchocapitalists arguments. The middle and right columns of makes engaging with anarchocapitalist arguments easy. If minarchists still refuse to engage with anarchocapitalist arguments, then this article should at least make them consider why they don’t advocate anarchism anyway, as espousing anarchism is a sensible strategy for achieving minarchism.

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