by Neville Kennard, preaching and practising capitalist

Wot if … they held an election and nobody voted?

Wot if … they introduced a new regulation and nobody took any notice?

Wot if … they imposed a tax and nobody paid?

Wot if … they gave a war and nobody went?

The State, in any of its many forms — monarchy, democracy, dictatorship, oligarchy — depends on the support of its citizens. If the citizens cease to co-operate then The State starts to fall apart. We have seen this in several instances after the support for Communism in its several forms just evaporated. The decline of the Soviet Union is a good example of enough of the people discontinuing their acquiescence and submission to a totalitarian authoritarian regime that clearly failed on nearly every count. The people confronted the troops and the Kremlin in a lovely demonstration of Civil Disobedience, and it was all over.

Eastern Germany (interestingly called The German Democratic Republic when it was not the least bit “Democratic” — an example of Orwellian Double-Speak?) fell over when the people submitted no longer and went over and through The Wall in Berlin to show their contempt for this monstrous edifice that divided them from their western cousins, and for the regime that impoverished and enslaved them.

One by one all the Soviet satellite countries in Eastern Europe rose up in noble civil disobedience against their oppressors and The State, at least in its Communist/Socialist form, crumbled.

Now in Egypt we can witness another example of “The People v. The State” as the people get tired of the long rule of President Mubarak. Where this one will go is anybody’s guess, as the US support wavers and the dark forces of Islamism contend with a call for “Democracy” — whatever that may mean for them.

In a “Democracy” such as Ausytalia we have the sense of choosing our government (even if the political parties for whom we are supposed to vote offer us a rather poor choice), and so a popular uprising, a peoples’ revolution, a major demonstration of civil disobedience against the government per se is unlikely. But there could be and are many examples of quiet civil disobedience every day.

But Wot if … a good number — 10%, 20%? — of those affected by some new impost or restriction or violation of their natural human rights, their sense of “Self Ownership”, chose not to acquiesce to this demand?

The first reaction to an uprising of the people in an authoritarian country is always guns and repression. But at some point the soldiers themselves choose not to shoot or repress. They won’t shoot their brothers and sisters.

In a stable democracy like Australia with a culture of non-violence, fair play, mateship and community, acts of overt civil disobedience against a particular law would be handled by the police and the courts, until the numbers overwhelmed these institutions. It happened with shopping hours regulations in some states where the flagrant disregard for silly laws became, even to the politicians, too much to oppose and police. But not before some conspicuous gaol time was spent by a Melbourne hardware store owner — for daring to serve his customers’ needs.

Victimless Crimes, and there are many of them on the statute books, are frequently ignored by those who either don’t know about them or choose to ignore them. My own experience with my neighbours in matters of local regulations and restrictions is that we see the local Council as the enemy and we work things out amicably and agreeably together, without bothering to seek the approval of the authority that would restrict us. We know between ourselves that we don’t need or want them.

When The State legislates that some activity between consenting adults be decreed a crime there are unintended consequences: the activity goes underground, and a Black Market emerges. Drug Prohibitions are a good example of this. Of course with Drug Prohibitions the Unintended Consequences go much further — police corruption, gaols full of victims of victimless crimes, a big organised illegal drugs industry and what The State likes to call Money Laundering.

So Wot if … we be good individuals and members of our community, lead moral lives of integrity and trust, help others when we can, and discreetly ignore silly laws that violate our self-ownership and personal responsibility?

Wot if … we demonstrated to our governments, local, state or federal, that we don’t really need them or want them as much as they think we do?

Wot if we each practice our own bit if civil disobedience, overt or covert, without victims, and go quietly about our lives doing what we believe is right?

Wot if we, in the words of Henry David Thoreau, “be good neighbours and bad subjects”?

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