Neville Kennard has supplied two medium Mises Institute shirts. One features a Rothbard headshot with the caption “ENEMY OF THE STATE”; and one features a Hoppe profile silhouette with the caption “PRIVATIZE EVERYTHING”.

To win one of these shirts, write in the Comments section below how you would best advertise the libertarian cause wearing them. For example, would you wear the “ENEMY OF THE STATE” shirt whilst handing out how-to-vote cards, going through airport security, streaking at a cricket match or begging/busking outside the RBA? Think of your own ideas.

It’d be nice if the winners sent us photographs of themselves wearing the shirt and causing trouble.

In one week officials will choose the winner. Entrants must have an Australian address (don’t write it below, we’ll contact you by email).

If this is successful, we’ll do more of it and on a larger scale. But you can be our Inaugural Winner, which will look impressive on your CV.