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by Ronald Kitching, dissenting editor

The planet has had many asteroid strikes and more are bound to occur with devastating consequences.

Asteroids a kilometre across or greater strike earth once every 100 million years or so. And asteroids down to 140 metres in size collide with our planet about once every 30,000 years. They can pack a significant punch, creating vast regional devastation and huge tsunamis.

The U. S. is spending about $120 million per year to support NASA’s “potentially dangerous” asteroids search programme.

A conference in Germany now is deciding what can be done about avoiding a strike by a large asteroid at some future date.

No doubt this will frighten us enough to lead to an “asteroid” tax. This will raise revenue so that interventionist governments can continue with their great spendathons.

Propaganda will inform the public that the carbon and asteroid taxes are for their benefit and that we should all be extremely grateful to our saviours in the Canberra Kremlin.

What these taxes will really do is keep well-fed bureaucrats comfortably ensconced in air-conditioned comfort and in lush pastures and provide them with fabulous retirement benefits.

Of course people from the productive sector should be grateful for such concern.