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by Ronald Kitching, dissenting editor

The Canberra Kremlin’s Shearing Shed

Today both Government and Opposition regard the productive community as a resource to be used for financial clipping in much the same way as woolgrowers’ attitude is to their sheep.

Julia proposes a massive super profits tax initially on coal and iron ore producers; the others come later. She also proposes a tax on carbon dioxide; the most laughable proposition of all time.

She and her Green cohorts obviously take the electorate for idiots. And if Julia and her supporters actually believe in these CO2/Climate Change myths, they are the real simpletons.

Tony proposes to pay working mothers for 6 months to take care of new babies.

Tony has stated that his plans to establish paid maternity leave for working mothers was “a visionary social change.”

It is not; Tony’s social vision is impaired. The majority of Australian businesses are to be taxed to pay for the proposal, but it is the public who eventually become lumbered with the cost of Tony’s “do-gooding” interventionist initiative.

Tony’s penchant to use other peoples’ money to satisfy his personal philanthropic ambitions is astounding. Even with good intentions, vote buying is a shameful activity.

The proposals of Tony and Julia, display an abysmal ignorance of what good government stands for. But, given time, Tony’s unstable mental condition may improve enough to make him a worthy Prime Minister after the next election.

The Political Crop – Noxious Weeds Abound

Julia’s team organised, to give us a carbon tax, so far are intellectually impaired Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor, and Wayne Swann. Then Green Christine Milne, who is a dangerous dark green demagogue.

Remember Christine on The 7.30 Report?   She said, “we want to see a carbon price as quickly as possible because we want transformation of the whole economy and society.”

And blank page Oakeshott blabs, “I want to see a carbon tax installed as soon as possible.”

Julia would like to have Malcolm Turnbull and Greg Hunt also on her CO2 tax team  too. Let’s hope they receive an Abbott veto.

The IPPC’s agenda is restricted to only those, who write that human activity produced CO2 changes the climate.

Julia has followed suit and declared that the only people who will give us an impartial result are all CO2 Climate Change believers.

Non-believers receive no opportunity at all to give rational sensible people a say in the matter of whether Australian industry and its commercial interests are decimated by idiotic policy.

With a precious few exceptions, Australia has indeed produced a particularly poor crop of politicians since Federation.

The present lot, with remarkably few exceptions, are the poorest crop of all. A new election will no doubt plough in this crop of noxious weeds.

Dr. Timothy Ball, the IPCC and the Climate

Dr. Timothy Ball is a renowned environmental consultant and former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In a recent interview he pointed out that the IPCC’s definition of Climate Change is restricted to only those causes of climate change which are, (according to them), generated by the industrial and other activity of humans.

All other atmospheric generation from about 300 active volcanoes on the surface and the estimated 3,000 under the oceans of the planet, are ignored. As is the fluctuations in the intake and discharge of CO2 from oceanic waters caused by the seas heating and cooling by cyclical solar activity.

He pointed out that the object of the IPCC’s activity is to frighten the population and then present them with solutions which they will accept regardless of the inconvenience or economic cost.

See the five part interview at:

Fred Hoyle On Predicting Future Events

An astronomer produced a mathematical formula that predicted the number of sunspots over the whole of a century.

But the formula failed completely when new data came in. Eminent 20th Century Scientist Fred Hoyle concluded that it is easy to find a formula that fits the data, but difficult to invent one that predicts future events.

The entire global warming scam and associated zeal to tax the inhabitants of the planet are based on the IPCC’s computer models predicting future events.

It is embarrassing for the IPCC, but English astrophysicist Piers Corbyn and many others, have shown the IPCC models do not and cannot represent the real world in which we live.

More than a decade of close observation with weather balloons and satellite observations have failed to find any temperature rise predicted by the IPCC. Not any.

The outputs from the IPCC’s computer models are not worth the paper on which they are printed.

The highly complex simulations of the atmosphere which has taken the IPCC’s mathematicians years to construct are worthless against the much more complex real world atmosphere, driven by the cyclical activities of the sun, which is 99.9% of the mass of the solar system.

Piers Corbyn regularly predicts the weather on a professional basis by studying the sun’s activities. He insists that CO2 has nothing whatsoever to do with the weather or the climate.

And Fred Hoyle assists us to recognise the Kafkaesque climate policy of the IPCC and its followers.

The Transformation of Energy to Mass and Thence to Life, by Carbon Dioxide

It was Einstein who discovered that all mass was merely congealed energy; all energy merely liberated matter. Thus the photons, or light quanta, or the photoelectric effect are just particles which had shed their mass and were travelling with the speed of light in the form of energy.

Energy below the speed of light is transformed by its slowing down; a transformation which had the effect of congealing it into matter.

Photosynthesis is the metabolic pathway that converts light energy into chemical energy and hence into mass. Its initial substrates are carbon dioxide and water; the energy source is light.

It is a complex process occurring in plants, algae, as well as bacteria such as cyanobacteria.

It is obvious that carbon dioxide, through photosynthesis is a process which uses liberated matter from the sun, and converts it back into mass in the form of plant life.

Plant life in turn is consumed by humans and other life on earth. And other life on earth is also consumed by humans, and is essential to sustain our personal mass and life.

The plant life not only supplies us with carbohydrates, but also oxygen without which we cannot survive.

The critical link to survival is that without carbon dioxide no plants or other living matter can survive. Ideally plant life loves about 900 ppm CO2.

It is past time the Canberra politicians and others stopped trying to infect us with their moronic proposals for a new anti-industrial and nation debilitating carbon tax.

Labor/Green Coalition Journalism

Writing in The National paper (2-3.10.10), Paul Kelly unashamedly supported the Labor/Green coalition which is anti-industrial and in fact, anti the genuine welfare of the Nations’s population.

He does not seem to know that carbon dioxide has nothing whatsoever to do with either global warming or any change in the climate.

He wrote about industry needing certainty. The only certainty Industry needs are political leaders who will abolish any thoughts of controlling the climate. No sensible industry wants an additional tax to those already imposed by the State.

This GW/CC issue is about eco-activists and politicians who found a  pseudo scientific issue they feel can leverage them into power and control.  The environment is a great way to advance a political agenda that favours central planning and an intrusive government run by bureaucrats.

Just the threat of taxes on carbon here is already disrupting the plans for necessary new coal driven power stations. A price on carbon will close coal driven power stations and disrupt power supplies and send what remains of Australian industry offshore. It will also unnecessarily impoverish the population.

The Kafkaesque GW/CC Policy of The IPCC and Its Followers

“Kafkaesque” is an eponym used to describe concepts, situations, and ideas which are reminiscent of the literary work of the Austro-Hungarian writer Franz Kafka.

The term, which is quite fluid in definition, has also been described as “marked by a senseless, disorienting, often menacing complexity: Kafkaesque bureaucracies” and “marked by surreal distortion and often a sense of impending danger.”

It can also describe an intentional distortion of reality by powerful but anonymous bureaucrats. “Lack of evidence is treated as a pesky inconvenience, to be circumvented by such Kafkaesque means as depositing unproven allegations into sealed files.”

Another definition would be an existentialist state of ever-elusive freedom while existing under unmitigable control.

The adjective refers to anything suggestive of Kafka, especially his nightmarish style of narration, in which characters lack a clear course of action, the ability to see beyond immediate events, and the possibility of escape.

The term’s meaning has transcended the literary realm to apply to real-life occurrences and situations that are incomprehensibly complex, bizarre, or illogical.

Kafkaesque describes perfectly the IPCC’s senseless condemnation of carbon dioxide as a climate changing danger to life on earth.