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by Ronald Kitching, dissenting editor

Production, Not War is What the Nation Needs Most

The thought that Afghanistani trained terrorists pose any real threat to Australia is about as remote as an asteroid colliding with a packed Capital city sports-ground. Always a possibility, but remote.

A much more serious threat to the Nation’s population is the Labor/Green coalition threat to cut water supplies to the Murray Darling Farmers thus jeopardising the existence of entire rural communities.

The alternative proven viable solution of a dam on the Clarence is being totally ignored by the opposition, as today the word “dam” is one of the two most vulgar words, (the other unmentionable is “nuclear”), absolutely banned from use in the Canberra Kremlin.

Julia says we are going to have troops in Afghanistan until 2020 at least. Tony says he hopes he can win the hearts and minds of the people to keep Australian troops there, in order to win the war. Poor old Tony is looking the wrong way.

The Greens Leader Bob Brown, who dominates Labor/Green coalition policy, knows he is on a winner, advocating with-drawl of the Australian troops as soon as possible.

Tony would look more like a leader if he distanced himself from the unwinnable war and advocated the only real solution to solving the use of water in the Murray Darling basin. Not only that, the late Prof. Lance Endersbee, who designed the scheme stated, “It could safely double agricultural production there.”

Increased production at competitive prices is what growing populations need most, not prolonged war.

Bob Brown’s Greatest Achievement

Should civilisation get through the current GW/CC psychosis without destroying the economic basis of society, future historians will have an interesting time trying to discover the source of the insanity which has gripped the imagination of Western Society.

At a time when advanced technical achievements abound it is indeed amazing that, with few exceptions, entire populations fall for the propaganda, that convinces the masses that they are the cause of “bad weather” and that by a process of economic flagellation, they can change the climate to an amicable one.

In Australia the High Priest of this movement under the label titled “Green” is Bob Brown. He stated that his greatest achievement was blocking the Gordon-below-Franklin Hydro-Electric Scheme.

In June 1982, Tasmania’s Parliament passed legislation approving the development of the Gordon-below-Franklin (GBF) scheme for a dam and 300 MW power station which would have generated annually well over 10 million MW hours of electricity, costing then only about 2 cents per KW hour.

The scheme was supported by Tasmanians and passed by both Houses of their Parliament, and, construction commenced.

The GBF scheme is very economical and environmentally sound and is well worth supporting.

It beggars belief that this highly productive scheme could be abandoned caused by the activities of an inane political shaman, who regards the economic destruction it has wrought, as “a great achievement”.

All About Life’s Essentials

When the world was first made it was all water until the mistake was seen and rectified and space was made available for hop and barley growing. Then other life sustaining products were grown and there was space enough for cricket grounds and other sensible sporting facilities.

Some people have been smart enough to build dams, to save water for more agricultural use and also to design mechanical equipment to drill holes for underground water.

Such labor saving equipment led to once desert areas providing us with steak, sausages, lamb chops, and other great food suitable for bar-b-q’s, like lettuce, tomatoes, onions and potato chips.

But the residents of the Canberra Kremlin now want to change all of that.

On Sunday morning, poor old Tony Abbott, under the gentle probing of Laurie Oakes, made some illuminating remarks. He noted that the Labor party is in government, but it is the anti-industrial Greens which are in power.

What with serious water cuts to Murray Darling farmers, and a threatened Carbon tax. Tony also noted that the only convictions of the government are Bob Brown’s.

Thoughtful people keep remembering Christine Milne’s vow to Kerry O’Brien: “…we want to see a carbon price as quickly as possible because we want transformation of the whole economy and society.”

A few interviews by the sharp witted left wing O’Brien and Tony may improve enough to make a thoughtful Prime Minister in an election which must soon be on the cards.

Bats in the Belfry and White Ants in The Canberra Kremlin

Facts about Termites and Carbon Dioxide (CO2):
• Termites produce more Carbon Dioxide (CO2) each year than all living things combined.
• Termites alone produce ten times as much carbon dioxide as all the fossil fuels burned in the whole world in a year.
• Pound for pound, the weight of all the termites in the world is greater than the total weight of humans.
• Worldwide, termites may release over 150 million tons of methane gas into the atmosphere annually. In our lower atmosphere this methane then reacts to form carbon dioxide and ozone.
• For every human on Earth there may be 1000 pounds of termites.
• On the average Termites expel gas composed of about 59% nitrogen, 21% hydrogen, 9% carbon dioxide, 7% methane, and 4% oxygen.
• There are 2,600 different species of termites, and it is estimated that there are at least a million billion individual termites on Earth, that they emit two and four percent of the global carbon dioxide and methane budget, respectively-both mediated directly or indirectly by their microbes.
• The Science magazine reports that termites annually generate more than twice as much carbon dioxide as mankind does burning fossil fuels. One termite species annually emits 600,000 metric tons of formic acid into the atmosphere, an amount equal to the combined contributions of automobiles, refuse combustion and vegetation.
* The most socially destructive and dangerous termites (white ants), in Australia are the Laborous/Greenus variety infesting The Canberra Kremlin.

Save The Murray Darling. Tony Burke’s Moronic Decision to Eliminate Farmers

This is clearly a case of Education not Educating as described by Frank Furedi, professor of sociology at the University of Kent, in his book titled: Wasted: Why Education isn’t Educating.

Caught up in the thrall of Green theology Tony Burke and his comrades are all hopelessly blindfolded. The real solution is as described by world class authority, the late Prof. Lance Endersbee. And that is a dam on the Clarence from which water is pumped over the range by night, “black Power” and then when demand for power is high, generates Electric power in a Hydro scheme, as the water runs into the Darling River. It not only solves the water problem, but according to Endersbee, has the capacity to double agricultural production.

A similar scheme known as the Kaprun Scheme has been operating in Austria for over 50 years. They have been pumping water uphill using excess power at night, and generating peak power during the day for industry use (white power). They been doing this for over 50 years.

And by 2012 they will have more than doubled the capacity of the entire project.

Opposition members should read Frank Furedi’s book and study the Kaprun Scheme; they then may have the gumption to advocate the implementation Prof. Endersbee’s excellent solution to the water and drought problem.

The anti-industrial Labor/Green coalition have been hopelessly confounded into Daleks – “Destroy – eliminate, eliminate, eliminate,” are their passwords to the eternal bliss of the Green Nirvana.

Abolish Free Markets and Tax, Tax and Tax

The Argentine Government taxed beef exports in order to keep prices low at home. Now, the country’s most prized export, Argentinean beef, is losing market share, especially to the Uruguayans.

Here in Australia, the Government wants to impose extra taxes on iron ore and coal; like Argentina and its beef, Australia will lose market share to other iron ore and coal exporting nations.

Then, PM Gillard assures us that: “I want to secure stable, effective and secure government”, But the short sighted anti-industrial, anti-production Labor/Green policies ensure that  unemployment and penury will become the norm to the productive population.

While Bob Brown is delirious with excitement at his new found influence, Christine Milne assured the Nation that “We want to see a carbon price as quickly as possible, because we want transformation of the whole economy and society.”

And Green interventionist and self proclaimed master of men Tim Flannery stated to Kerry O’Brien on the ABC’s 7.30 Report: “Human nature needs to be changed and the free market system abandoned”.

He continued, “Individuals become very, very rich in the immediate term, and that’s where there’s a role for government of course, and regulation to say that this isn’t quite right. We actually need to get the balance right.”
“We” of course meaning the present interventionist Labor/Green coalition instituting economic equality.

With these philosophical blank pages batting for them, the Labor Party has surely reached an all time political policy low.

The Class Struggle – The Kremlin Moves To Canberra

These statements below were the Introduction to the Rules of The Workers’ Industrial Union of Australia at Broken Hill.

1. We hold that there is a class struggle in Society and that the struggle is caused by the capitalist class owning the means of production to which the working class must have access in order to live. The working class produce all value. The greater the share the capitalist class appropriates, the less remains for the working class; therefore, the interests of these two classes are in constant conflict.

2. There can be no peace as long as want and hunger are found among millions of working people, and the few who constitute the employing class have all the good things of life.

3. Between these two classes the struggle must continue until Capitalism is abolished. Capitalism can only be abolished by the workers uniting in a one class- conscious, economic organisation to take and hold the means of production by revolutionary, industrial and political action.

No economic activity in Broken Hill could take place without the approval of “The Kremlin,” as the Union Headquarters were known.

No business in town could operate unless they  toed the union’s line. Any business person defying the union meant closure of the business.

Great mines were closed long before their time, due to union activity.

Today, all of Australia is subject to similar action from the  anti-industrial Green movement. The Green Canberra Kremlin’s objective is to close down Australia.

Solving The Murray Darling Irrigation Problem

While the Labor/Green coalition propose to cut 37% of the water to Murray Darling irrigators, the daming of the Clarence River proposed by the late Prof. Lance Endersbee, would not only solve the water problems, but could have the potential to double agricultural production. Endersbee stated:

The catchment of the Clarence River is in one of the highest rainfall areas in Australia, and they get the summer rains from the monsoons coming down and they get the winter rains as well.

So there is a huge rainfall there and it all flows out into the sea. So I have worked out, and designed a scheme for the diversion of the Clarence into the Darling.”

There is a surplus of thermal energy, coal fired thermal energy from the Hunter and LaTrobe Valley and there is a surplus of thermal energy on the national grid and the national grid just goes right through there—past the project….

I knew that there was a surplus of thermal energy over- night and at weekends and so with this Clarence diversion, rather than tunnelling through the mountains, I would pump it up the hill.

So I have devised a scheme whereby we pump overnight and at weekends, and we generate at peak times, on the way down the hill, and the project is economic!

Forward thinking leaders would call tenders for a study and design. Then call tenders for building and operating the dam and storage by private enterprise.

The Negative Influence of State Universities

The Australian, September 18, 1991 on p.21, published an article by Historian Paul Johnson, titled, “Universities? We’d Be Better Off Without Them.”

Johnson is right in observing: “Universities are the most overrated institutions of our age. Of all the calamities that have befallen the 20th century, apart from the two World Wars, the expansion of higher education in the 1950’s and 1960’s was the most enduring.

It is a myth that [State controlled] universities are nurseries of reason. They are hot houses for every kind of extremism, irrationality; intolerance and prejudice, where intellectual and social snobbery is almost deliberately installed and where dons attempt to pass on to their students their own sins of pride.

The wonder is that so many people emerge from these dens still employable, although a significant minority – as we have learnt to our cost – goes forth well equipped for a lifetime of public mischief making!

Terence Kealey the Vice-Chancellor at Buckingham University, (the only private University remaining in England), in his book titled “The Economic Laws of Scientific Research”, echoes Johnson’s remarks.

As does Frank Furedi, professor of sociology at the University of Kent, in his book titled Wasted: Why Education isn’t Educating.

And the mass of the advocates, world wide, of the GW/CC scam are from State funded organisations.