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by Ronald Kitching, dissenting editor

Minister For Climate Change — What Nonsense

George J. R. Monbiot the English left wing “Guardian” writer, claims that “greens” are having their efforts thwarted by “industrial lobby groups, the cowardice of governments and the natural human tendency to deny what we don’t want to see.”

Yet here, we see now, that even after Julia promised no carbon taxes, Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet is moving to install a tax on the population. It is to be hoped that Tony Abbott continues to oppose the Labor/Green agenda.

Evidence abounds that carbon dioxide has nothing whatsoever to do with the climate. Sensible scientists and other observers have been stating the facts for years now, but seem to be ignored by the media, and politicians.

The politicians in particular seem to be completely divorced from reality. They seem to wish to interfere in every facet of our lives. All we need them for really, is to protect us from internal and external thugs, to monitor the law courts and co-ordinate foreign affairs to the extent that they ensure free trade is paramount in all of our dealings with other nations.

They do not seem to be doing well what we need them for at all. It is no wonder that sensible people have become disenchanted with government.

We need to insist that the unnecessary ministries and associated bureaucracies be abolished. The Ministry of Climate Change — what ridiculous hubristic nonsense that is. That can be abolished to start with.

Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn Reviews Latest News

Astrophysicist, and solar weather forecaster, Piers Corbyn reviews latest news. See below:

All the dire predictions of the UN, (IPCC), since 2000 have failed. CO2 does not cause extreme weather. At present the world is cooling not warming.

There is no evidence in 600, 600,000 or 600 million years of data that changes in CO2 levels in the real atmosphere drive world temperatures or change climate; indeed it is temperatures which generally drive CO2 levels. See

Extra atmospheric CO2 has zero effect.

The driver of all important weather extremes is solar activity.

In the end it is extreme weather that matters rather than averages and this is controlled by Jet stream shifts and extra activity of weather fronts, and these are driven by changes in solar activity and largely predictable – See ongoing discussion in Comments as link above, – espec comment Aug 8th concerning predicted changes in the jet stream + records of the solar activity that caused them.

MORE atmospheric CO2 is good not bad. CO2 is plant food and more CO2 increases the productivity of agriculture. Carbon fixing policies are madness which if carried out in the name of ‘clean coal’ would double the cost of electricity and double the amount of coal used to produce power because carbon fixing (‘sequestration’) is very energy intensive.”

The Next Election — Coming Soon?

Before the election Julia assured us that there would be no carbon tax. Now she is in bed with the anti-industrial, back to nature greens, she promises there will be a crippling carbon tax. However we can live in hope.

Thanks to dedicated real scientists, the public are becoming better informed by the day. In short it is ridiculous to even suggest that an atmosphere that is cooler than the planet, can somehow make the planet warmer. And it is even more ridiculous to suggest that man made carbon dioxide could have anything to do with the temperature at all.

If carbon dioxide did have anything to do with the temperature the planets 300 odd surface volcanoes and  thousands of sub-sea volcanoes, would  regularly cause the climate to vary considerably.

As the oceans warm they release some of the CO2. All plants love that, and survive on it. Much of the rest has formed limestones and coral reefs over the ages.

However it will be a miracle if the minority government succeeds. Miracles can only happen to fervent believers; and Julia is a non-believer.

It is a great competition for those guessing when the next election will occur. Now that we can see the Red and Green agenda, most people think the sooner the better.

Carbon Dioxide, the Atmosphere and the Climate

Astrophysicist/climate scientist, Bob Ashworth has said: Using first principles, if we doubled the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, you would see a slight cooling effect.

The ones saying forced radiation is real must have never completed any mass and energy balances around any process.

If the atmosphere is denser, more radiation from the sun will be reflected to outer space during sunlight hours; at night, the earth will not cool off as fast, more insulation.

The overall effect will always be cooling because there is much more radiation from the sun coming to the earth during the day than there is radiation leaving the earth to the sky at night.

Observational evidence clearly indicates that there is no correlation between atmospheric CO2 and global temperatures; if there were, the CO2 would rise and fall in sync with temperature — that doesn’t happen! CO2 is rising steadily while the temperatures fluctuate as they always have.

South African simpleton CEO of BHP Marius Kloppers who earned $12 m as CEO is amazingly ignorant of climate facts as he advocates a carbon tax to “restrict the peoples use of electric power.”