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by Ronald Kitching, dissenting editor

Julia’s New Cabinet

Julia’s new Cabinet, and their announced ambitions look like a dog’s breakfast if ever there was one.

First of all Australia’s coal burning power houses are not polluters. The “smoke” that emerges from their chimneys is water vapour, and the gases are carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Any additional CO2 that enters the atmosphere is a boost to all plant life. It is NOT a pollutant. Neither is nitrogen.

Most Labor members know that CO2 is not a pollutant, but they are keen to con the public into the nonsense of imposing a carbon tax, as they need the money to finance their unnecessary grandiose schemes.

It will be interesting to see how the relationship develops between the Greens and Labor. I cannot see Bob Brown and Christine Milne abandoning their grandiose but destructive plans to reduce the Nations living standards to those of two hundred years ago; which is what would happen if their policies were instituted.

The Nation urgently needs new coal driven Power Houses to be constructed and put into service NOW.

The Nation also needs to put into production all of its uranium projects, several of which are now ready  for mining to commence.

A government interested in the welfare of the Nation’s inhabitants would institute all productive projects. It would also cease all interventions on the restrictions placed on productive land holders, which are destructive to jobs, production and exports.

BHP’s Intellectual Blank Page Says a Few Words

The general public must be amazed at the public statements of a number of Chief Executives, and Chiefs of various professional organisations.

They are run by bureaucrats which must have a lethal virus which effects their judgement so badly, that they even believe that carbon dioxide is a pollutant.

The latest from BHP CEO, the South African troglodyte, Marius Kloppers.

Here he is, recommending that Australians adopt a living standard that the Boers of 150 years ago endured.

I am amazed at his statement: “Instead, he, [Kloppers], called for corporate and individual tax cuts and, possibly, lump-sum payments to lower-income households to return the cost of a predictable and gradual transition that was as broadly based as possible.”

What sort of intellectually vacant statement is this? How did this fellow ever get this job as CEO of BHP, once Australia’s premier company?

Essington Lewis would be turning over in his grave if confronted by this philosophical moron’s statements.

The sooner he is sent back to his cave in South Africa the better.

Minding Our Own Business and Civilisation and International Interference

All Western societies prides themselves as civilised. It is curious how the political leaders of such societies go to extreme lengths, even going to war with nations, of whose civilisations they do not approve. The Iraqi and Afghanistan wars are typical examples.

The politicians send some of Australia’s best young men to war to stink holes that can never ever be “reformed” in the manner to which we are accustomed. They even admit that some may be killed and when they are, they dress in black, attend their funerals, weep a few crocodile tears and quickly return to their own particular form of gang warfare.

The gang warfare in this nation consists of how to arrange the maximum of taxation in every and any form that the productive community will tolerate. They even indulge in inflation the most dangerous of civilisation destroying taxes.

This is just as criminal as was Saddam with his subjects and the Taliban was and remain, with their fellow country men and women.

To think that a relatively tiny population such as ours can influence the hundreds on millions adjacent to our borders is a gross exercise in hubristic nonsense.

It is past time that we should accept the fact that we should mind our own business.