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by Ronald Kitching, dissenting editor

Hanging on Oakeshott’s Final Words

When I was a boy, the offences of robbery by violence or threatened violence, kidnapping, rape, and murder were capital offences and the criminals were hanged.

Hangings were carried out at 6 am on Friday. The hangman would say to the victim, “Do you have any last words?” Upon which the criminal would express his last views.

After 17 days of gabfest, MHR Robert Oakeshott stated, “I have run out of things to say”; but then kept the population on the edge of their seats for 20 painful minutes explaining what his decision would be, when he could have said it in three words.

He covered more ground that Bourke and Wills with his moronic explanations.

If, in future, he is convicted to hang for his crimes against democracy, the hangman would be advised not to extend to him the courtesy of asking him if he had any last words. The hangman may well, like Bourke and Wills, starve to death, while Oakeshott delivered his final statement.

New Interventions Popular with Politicians

Love thy Neighbour says the good book.

There is no better way to love thy neighbour, both locally, nationally and internationally, than to produce goods and services for which they will scramble to buy.

Free trade brings peace, respect and prosperity to all.

Governments exercising “fiscal policy” by interfering with interest rates is gross interventionism. Such interventionism interferes with the decisions of national and international entrepreneurs to invest or not to invest.

Investment means the creation of jobs.

But a new artificial impediment looms; an ETS and or carbon tax which will become the financial aids of the nation if implemented. No surer method could be contrived to destroy jobs and impoverish the masses.

Labor has Deserted its Base – The Real Workers

The Labor Party having deserted workers years ago, is now revealing its Red/Green core.

* The Goss Government, in 1989 cancelled plans to proceed with the Wolfdene dam on the Albert River.

* The Beattie government cancelled established silica sand mining leases on the Cape York Peninsula.

* The the Bligh government has cancelled the shale oil project near Proserpine.

* Declared all the rivers in north Queensland “wild rivers” around which no economic activity could occur.

* By declaring a 200 metre “exclusion zone” around the Wenlock River, virtually abolished the mining of bauxite.

* Declared North Stradbroke Island a sanctuary banning further mineral sand mining.

* Premier Bligh promises Queenslanders another 20 National Parks. These large areas negate any economic activity within their boundaries,

* The Greens are advocating that the Coral sea be declared a National Park. This means that all fishing and oil and gas exploration activity would be abolished.

* As Julia partners with Bob Brown, should Julia win the election, he will be virtually Deputy Prime Minister.

* The Red/Green coalition will guarantee an ETS and or a carbon tax.

* An additional heavy tax on Miners profits will be guaranteed.

The result will be the last vestiges of Australian industry will wither. This will mean abolition of tens of thousands of jobs.

Billions of dollars in the production of minerals and agricultural products will disappear like drops of water on a hot plate.

No sensible people could possibly condone this lunatic anti-industrial activity.

Katter Advocates Totalitarian Economic Controls

Bob Katter exposes his totalitarian roots as he advocates Government control and regulation of foreign exchange rates. See F. A. Hayek’s remarks about “Economic Control and Totalitarianism” in his “The Road to Serfdom”,  Chapter 7 , on the bottom of page 69 in particular.

“The extent of control over all life that economic control confers is nowhere better illustrated than in the field of foreign exchanges.

“Nothing would at first seem to effect private life less than a state control of the dealings in foreign exchange, and most people will regard its introduction with complete indifference.

“Yet the experience of most continental countries has taught thoughtful people to regard this step as the decisive advance on the path to totalitarianism and the suppression of individual liberty.

“It is, in fact, the complete delivery of the individual to the tyranny of the State, the final suppression of all means of escape – not merely for the rich, but for everybody.

“Once the individual is no longer free to travel, no longer free to buy foreign books of journals, once all of the means of foreign contact can be restricted to those of whom official opinion approves or for those whom it is regarded as necessary, the effective control of opinion is much greater than that ever exercised by any of the absolutist governments of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.”

In Katter’s own words he is leaning towards a totalitarian government, which the Labor/Green alliance will inevitably hatch.

Economically Ignorant and Philosophically Moronic Independents

We have a Labor/Green coalition with the voting at a virtual 50/50.

No sensible population is going to vote for an unnecessary ETS/Carbon tax. And no sensible population is going to squander $45 billion on  an unnecessary optic fibre system when the many private suppliers will not touch it.

And wind, solar and geothermal power are all expensive pies in the sky. As is Katter’s yen for Ethanol.

With the economically ignorant and philosophically moronic independents grandstanding, the logical decision is another immediate election, now that we can see what we are voting for.