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by Ronald Kitching, dissenting editor

All For Sale In Queensland

A big debate in Queensland today is whether the Government should sell the State Forests and Rail lines to private owners.

Many people including the NLP opposition, academic intellectuals and others are challenging the state for selling “our” forests and railways.

As Clive Palmer recently announced, “soon, we will have nothing left.”

Poor old Clive does not realise that the railway lines and forests are NOT “ours” but belong to the State. As such, if they make a profit, does the population receive a dividend. Of course not. And if they make a loss, there is an even worse outcome. That is, the taxpayers are slugged with an even bigger economic impediment.

All of these goods and services ideally, should be privately owned, as under private ownership, they must answer to the profit and loss system. If they make losses their capital value is reduced quite impartially by the market, to a figure which is in concert with their productivity.

In short the sooner all State owned property is privatised the better the economic outcome for all.

Self Proclaimed “Master of Men” Needs A Cold Shower

Dark Green Grim Tim Flannery, judging by his wide ranging statements, is a self proclaimed “Master of Men”.  “Human nature needs to be changed and the free market system abandoned”, he stated when interviewed by Kerry O’Brien.

“Individuals become very, very rich in the immediate term, but the consequences, the costs are gonna be borne by every single one of us in the future and that’s where there’s a role for government of course, and regulation to say that this isn’t quite right. We actually need to get the balance right.”

In the meantime, twenty six year old Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, made $100 million grant to a troubled New Jersey public School system.

Zuckerberg’s $7 billion fortune and his success is not keeping other people poor, as Grim Tim would suggest, but he is enriching the lives of all. And, it seems, will continue to do so for as far into the future as we can see.

Zuckerberg’s success is not in keeping with Grim Tim’s ideas on the abandonment of free markets and human nature needing to be changed. Every nation or civilisation that has tried that has failed. Best not to inform Tim, let him remain wallowing in the luxury of his abysmal ignorance.

The Brown, Milne and Grim Tim’s Recipe for Social Change

The New Order so  proudly and loudly proclaimed by Bob Brown, Christine Milne, and Tim Flannery, intends to “change human nature”.

Perhaps with the imaginary hobgoblin of GW/CC they hope that this change, together with the necessary cost that Grim Tim declared will be the recipe to make the change.

But English Libertarian Sean Gabb recently wrote that “every order founded on a denial of human nature – perished from within. But this inevitable fall will have been hastened by our own relentless critique.”

Once Julia’s false regime falls nobody will want Labor back, but the Liberals also have the seeds of destruction within their ranks borne by Turnbull, Hunt and as few other lesser known social misfits who are enemies of a free and open society.

Tony’s dedication to 6 months salary for working women, which he declares a great social advance is a disaster. I noticed too that it was approved by his Eminence Cardinal George Pell. This indicates that the good Cardinal is not yet infallible. But let’s hope he becomes so before the next Papal election.

Tony also needs to declare the “Carbon Plot” to be the scam that it is, and abandon unnecessary counter actions. The new order that most sane people want is one in which most state agencies will have been shut down, thus reducing the need for crippling taxation, opening the doors for maximising production at competitive prices.

With honest money, Ludwig Erhard successfully achieved this in West Germany in 1948.

Production and Prosperity Go Hand in Hand

Every politician there is has a recipe to lower the deficit and get the nation back into the black.

The way to get the nation back into the black is to encourage the productive sector to increase production in such activities as the production of wool, wheat, beef, lamb, pork; and in all minerals including uranium, oil, gas, forestry and industrial activity.

Taxation holidays are the way to accomplish this. But State and Federal governments have uranium exploration and mining banned in most states.  And secure private property rights are being illegally withdrawn from the farming sector, and fishing rights from the fishing sector.

Plus the potentially great areas for oil and gas exploration are being progressively deleted by way of the declaration of so called National Parks, and “no go zones such as the continental shelf and Coral Sea.

State governments should also lower, or better still abolish so called royalties. This would put a number of marginal operations into production and ensure the safety of jobs in those areas. And so contribute to capital accumulation so necessary for a constant rising living standard.

And the way to cut expenditure is to emasculate State and Federal bureaucracies who are great consumers of capital and produce nothing but unnecessary regulation.

Grandstanding Politicians and The Climate

In a National newspaper on 27.09.10 Liberal Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage, Greg Hunt wrote:

If the Coalition had formed government, we would be negotiating with Hazelwood and Yallourn power stations about converting from brown coal to gas. Hazelwood would have yielded 12 million tonnes of annual emissions savings and Yallourn about 10 million tonnes.

When it is quite plain that carbon dioxide has nothing whatsoever to do with the temperature or the climate of the planet, why is this fellow advocating the closure of Australia’s cheapest and cleanest coal powered Electric Generating plants?

And CO2 generated by man is a tiny fraction of the carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere each year, compared with volcanoes on land and under the oceans.

Hunt’s statements indicate the abysmal ignorance of many politicians over this dying issue.

Astrophysicist and Profession Climate Forecaster, Piers Corbyn recently stated, that CO2 has nothing to do with the climate, and that the planet is more likely in the future to go into another ice age, due to the cyclical inactivity of the sun.

A sensible opposition would be advocating that Australia enter the world of Nuclear Power, as we have the world’s largest reserves of uranium and of thorium.

And, until such time as Nuclear becomes competitive with coal, leave our excellent, efficient clean coal generators to operate, instead of taxing consumers no matter what the social and economic cost.

The Sun, the Earth and The Climate

The sun is 99.9 % of the mass of the solar system. Planet Earth, largest of the four inner planets,  is 1/329,000 of the sun’s mass.

Sun scientists have shown many times, that it is the sun in its various moods which influence the temperature and thus the climate on earth.

Carbon dioxide has nothing whatsoever to do with the climate or the temperatures generated on the planet.

CO2 is an essential gas as, only 385 parts per million of the atmosphere. It alone produces the photo synthesis that enables the sun’s energy to be converted to the mass of plant life on the surface and under the oceans.
All life on land and under the oceans are carbon based life systems. All need carbon dioxide to survive at all.

Mr. Rudd addressing the UN in New York said: “The UN must do the job to to tackle climate change, not just talk about it”. Of course he intends soon to become Secretary General of the UN.

We primates are but tiny organisms compared with the massive operations of the solar system.

The primate mentioned above, who has been overcome by ambition, has the temerity to suggest that taxing the population, thus lowering living standards of all, will overcome the natural relationship between the sun and planet earth, and so control climate.

He, and others, need a long spell in Ward 16 to recover from their hubristic delusions, before they have us all back in the trees.