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by Ronald Kitching, dissenting editor

Price, Decisions and The Market

On economic matters everybody has a different view as to “what should happen”.

There is no decision maker or commentator that approaches the impartial decisions of the market.

A few, or even a thousand bureaucrats in government simply cannot ever acquire the immense, ever changing volume of information, that is automatically and impartially developed by the market, in the form of ever changing prices, from minute to minute, hour to hour, day by day.

All of the factors that bring a price into being need not, and are not, ever known by the ultimate consumer. When a product, what ever it is, it is all encapsulated quite impartially into one final symbol that any simpleton can understand, the price.

Price makes some producers rich and others poor as the market approves or disapproves of their products and its price.

There is no arbiter superior to the always democratic market.

The ideas and comments regarding price,  by treasurers, prime ministers and presidents about such matters, are irrelevant to the real world of production and consumption.

When safely ensconced behind the walls of the Canberra Kremlin, they intervene to impose their own views, avoiding the stain of what actually is criminal activity.

All About State Ownership of Assets

There are many of the public who are unaware that assets owned by the state are a dead economic loss to the population.

In 1977 eminent Professor Ivor F. Pearce gave a lecture in London on the problems of overtaxation and interventionism. He said:

A point seldom addressed by economists or social philosophers today is the fact that, capital invested in the public sector, like every other resource at the disposal of government, must have been subscribed, directly or indirectly by the people and hence belongs to the people.

If, therefore, the Department of Trade (or any other government department) receives the profits from that capital instead of the community at large, the amount is a tax taken from the people, as surely as if it were an income tax.

It follows of course that all government property making losses are an even greater tax upon the people.  Profits, indicate a producer is contributing to the maintenance of society — a point seldom noticed by those who support the command State.

So it is obvious that all State assets should be immediately sold.

Private property rights carry a heavy responsibility. Any property not properly managed in keeping with the market’s requirements invites the profit and loss system to impartially change ownership.

About Service, Production and Bonuses

The news advises us that Julia intends to pay exceptionally good teachers a 10% bonus for their services.

Teaching children is yet another service provided by those who profess to be experts in this particular profession.

History and experience clearly shows that it is a service best provided by the private sector.

Julia acts as though the education field was her personal fiefdom, as does Bob Brown think that the environment is his personal kingdom, and we his personal sheep.

Education and medical treatment is best handled by private enterprise. Those providing the best service at prices the public is prepared to pay will be rewarded with public patronage.

As we are all different, we all aspire to different levels of education. The multitude of private educators would all scramble to service their particular field in education and health, as do the world’s manufacturers of cars, tractors, aircraft, sox, shoes etc etc.

A Prime Minister or aspiring PM ought to look after protecting us from internal and external thugs,  run the Judicial system, deal with Foreign affairs, and mind his/her own business.

Tim’s Hopes For Geothermia Dim

Tim Flannery bragged: “I have long argued that we should develop a city in the Cooper Basin — a Geothermia — as a hub for minerals processing dependent entirely on clean renewable energy.”

There are two points regarding Flannery’s spruiking of geothermal power and this particular site.

First, he is an investor in the geothermal test plant in the Cooper Basin, and, second, his one megawatt plant plant has been crippled by “technological difficulties”.

By the time it gets to produce electricity, if it ever does, the cost may be as high as $200 per MW.

A State Government-backed scheme to use the sun to power towns in Queensland’s outback  has too failed miserably.

It was forecast that by now, a “groundbreaking” 10-megawatt solar thermal power plant would be using steam from water heated in a graphite block to drive a turbine to generate electricity.

The Government, faces criticism over a series of expensive blunders.

In the meantime Bob Brown says that by 2020 the Greens will close the Yallourn Valley brown coal power stations, which produce Australia’s cheapest electricity and industrialised Victoria.

He assures listeners that all power will be “renewable” by 2020. A few cold spells will change that tune.

The Planet, The People and GW/CC

By volume, there are 259 Trillion cubic miles of solid mass with an average temperature of at least 2500F, in planet Earth.

There are 310 Million cubic miles of oceans and lakes.

This total amount of water is 0.023% of the earth’s mass and the total atmosphere is 0.00008% of the planet’s mass.  Carbon dioxide is then 0.004% of the atmosphere and the human caused CO2 is just 0.03% of that.

This is not even measurable in terms of total heat storage capacity in this massive system.

The Earth has at least a 10% variable annual solar input due to astronomical factors.  Estimates have shown that earth contains 700,000 cubic miles of fissionable uranium which has a variable decay rate.

This geo-nuclear energy is variable effects the variability of volcanic activity.  Despite all of this evidence, many people for various reasons, claim that AGW is the greatest threat to the planet.

Human caused atmospheric levels of CO2 have in fact, no impact whatsoever on the planet’s climate.

Earth’s climate has varied for about 4 billion years with no human interference.  The planet’s climate will continue to change for its entire existence.

The Greens and their allies are continually distorting the facts of reality for their ideological purposes. We need people from all walks of science who will stand and defend open, honest scientific debate.